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Museum people helping other museum people be
better museum people.

About IAM

WHAT IAM DOES FOR THE ILLINOIS MUSEUM COMMUNITY                                                              

We Advocate                                                                                             

  • IAM is a voice with the state and national governments identifying public policy goals and objectives for the betterment of the museum community in Illinois.
  • We produce an economic impact statement for the Illinois museum community
  • Host of annual “Museum Day” in Springfield where museums can meet with their elected officials

We Educate

  • IAM is working continually to empower and provide education the museum community through programs, partnerships, and resources. Whether it is finding funding, strategic planning, board development, exhibit design, developing educational programming, or care of collections, IAM provides educational resources to its member museums to instruct in the field’s best practices.  Museums have unique struggles that continually challenge the preservation, interpretation, and care of their collections.
  • IAM works to empower the Illinois museum community through professional development workshops promoting best practices, professional development and networking at the Annual Conference, and access to Scholarship Program to be used to attend professional meetings, workshops, and seminars

We Collaborate

What are the needs in your community? Whether it is with local schools, public libraries, park districts, service organizations, or local businesses, collaboration has become an essential part of a museum’s relevancy. By partnering with other community anchors, museums can strengthen their mission and share in the cost of programming and resources. Aligning common goals with other organizations can help serve the greater needs of your community and can have a ripple effect on your membership, attendance, and donors. A rising tide raises all boats. 

Mission:  It is the mission of Illinois Association of Museums to provide advocacy, promote best practices, and foster the exchange of ideas for the Illinois museum community.

Vision:  IAM will be the recognized voice of, and a valued resource for, the state's diverse museum community.

Affiliations:  IAM is an independent museum network. IAM supports the work of the American Alliance of Museums, the American Association of State and Local History, the Association of Midwest Museums, and various other local and regional museum networks across Illinois.  IAM seeks to collaborate with all museum professional groups to promote best practices around the state.

Illinois Association of Museums
P.O. Box 31155

Chicago, IL 60631


Email: illinoismuseums@gmail.com




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