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Museum people helping other museum people be
better museum people.


  • "Collaboration is essential to the sustainability and future growth of museums and libraries and can increase the ability of institutions to address 21st century challenges and opportunities to meet community needs." 

  • -        From “the Future of Museums and Libraries: A Discussion Guide” by IMLS

  • What are the needs in your community? Whether it is with local schools, public libraries, park districts, service organizations, or local businesses, collaboration has become an essential part of a museum’s relevancy. By partnering with other community anchors, museums can strengthen their mission and share in the cost of programming and resources. Aligning common goals with other organizations can help serve the greater needs of your community and can have a ripple effect on your membership, attendance, and donors.  A rising tide raises all boats. 

    How Does Your Museum Collaborate to Help with the Needs of Your Community?

    Some ideas:

  • Start a literacy program with your library that features local history
  • Host a local food festival that features your area’s CSAs
  • Sponsor a food drive for your local food pantry
  • Sponsor a coat drive for the needy
  • Highlight programs that show how pioneers recycled and how we do today

    How Does IAM Use Collaborations to Help the Illinois Museum Community?

  • Access to job postings, professional development opportunities, grants, and internship opportunities

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