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Museum people helping other museum people be
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Museum Day

Who is telling the story of Illinois Museums? IAM!

Illinois Museum Advocacy Day coming Spring 2024!

Join us in Springfield for Illinois Museum Day!  Visit your Illinois Policymakers and tell them about your museum.

Museums are institutions with stories. Throughout history, museums have served as a sacred public memory; preserving our material culture, remembering the past, questioning assumptions, and serving as a safe place for innovation and research. They can illuminate our past and foreshadow our future.  Museums are an essential part of society- these places matter. Period. 

The story of the your museum needs your to help tell it. You have assets to the bring to the table: your vote, access to your patrons, the jobs you support, your positive educational impact, your role as a community anchor. Don’t settle for less than you’re worth. To thrive in the 21st century, museums need to share our story with decision makers and be the source of information for them to make informed choices about current issues.

Illinois Association of Museums
P.O. Box 31155

Chicago, IL 60631


Email: illinoismuseums@gmail.com




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