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Museum people helping other museum people be
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Back to the Basics

IAM is working continually to empower and provide education to the museum community through programs, partnerships, and resources. Whether it is finding funding, strategic planning, board development, exhibit design, developing educational programming, or care of collections, IAM provides educational resources to its member museums to instruct in the field’s best practices. Museums have unique struggles that continually challenge the preservation, interpretation, and care of their collections.

Providing Education at your Museum          

One of the most common questions a museum has is: “How do we provide education to our visitors while keeping it entertaining and engaging?” The first thing to look at is how we present the public with that information in the forms of field trips and tours. There are a lot of ideas about best practices on how to do this, but there are some key items that most museums should practice if they wish to capture their audience’s attention.

Professional Development & Networking

As educational professionals, we know there is always room to learn something new and meet someone new. Although there can be a lot of options out there, we have done some research to help you find that next step in your career. Check out new opportunities below: 

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